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Char Broilers

The ultimate char grill with premium infrared technology. Trueheat char broilers evenly distribute heat across the cooking area, giving you the perfect, evenly cooked cut. The heavy-duty cast-iron grates radiate maximum heat to seal in the smokey barbecue flavours.

Deep Fryers

New and improved open pot design deep fryer with a premium fast action thermostat. The Trueheat fryer is manufactured incorporating a high-grade stainless steel, open pot and premium fast action thermostat to ensure optimum temperature is maintained—even on the busiest days. The result? Food cooks more quickly and absorbs less oil. It just tastes better.

Equipment Stands

Sleek in design, our Trueheat stainless steel stands offer a superior, coordinated look with the rest of the Trueheat range, making it perfect for an open plan kitchen.  The sturdy, round tubular stands with shelf and adjustable feet are suitable for cooktops, griddles and char grills.

Gas Cooktops

High-performance and affordable cooktop range. A cooktop that does exactly what you need! Uncomplicated in design, our cooktops are easy to use, powerful and reliable. The flush-mounted cast iron trivets allow for the seamless movement of pots and pans across the cooking surface. Minimised spills means a safer kitchen. Like our oven range, all cooktop burners include individual pilots and flame failure devices.

Gas Ranges

Durable and powerful oven range designed for the busiest kitchens. All oven range burners include individual pilots and flame failure devices. Simply turn the control from pilot to high, and you’re cooking. The enamel lining makes cleaning a breeze and supports heat retention for those busy times when the door is opening often. Our preferred drop-down door oven allows for single hand operation and makes loading and unloading faster.

Griddle Plates

Versatile design and functionality that delivers performance. The versatility of the griddle top lends itself to being the backbone of the kitchen. The Trueheat griddle will crisp, brown and sear to perfection. The powerful cast iron H burners provide the heat necessary for superior grilling results. With fast heat recovery and even heat distribution across the stainless-steel cooking surface, be assured of consistent results.

Infill Benches

Sturdy range matched infill benches. For a superior finished look, and to optimise the use of available space, Trueheat Infill Benches fill the gaps. Our range of modular benchtops, with uniform splash backs and front rails, ensure consistency across your cooking suite. Use of the benches is both practical and visually pleasing.

Pasta Cookers

Sturdy pasta cooker for ultimate functionality and durability. Our pasta cooker does so much more than cook pasta. Eliminating the need for the large pot of water taking up space at the back of your stove, the pasta cooker is ideal for blanching, heating Asian style noodles and cooking all types of pasta. It has an integrated fresh water feed, an overflow drain, and is constructed in 316 grade stainless steel.


Heavy-duty salamanders complete with adjustable height cooking shelf. Toasting, browning or even simply holding hot dishes at a set temperature. The powerful high speed gas burner allows the Trueheat Salamander to radiate intense heat, sealing in natural flavours, and imparting a grilled appearance to steak, chicken, seafood and vegetables. Removable sides accommodate oversized dishes and the compatible shelf is height adjustable.

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